My choice
My health may be my concern but my wellness affects all of us


The World Health Organization (WHO) formulated a definition of health in
1970 that has influenced the medical model of health care. Health was
defined as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not

merely the absence of disease of infirmity” (Shillingford J. Shillingford A. 1991).
This definition has paved the way for wellness or for a more holistic approach
to health care..

Our lives today are very complex thus making it more difficult to achieve an
overall feeling of wellness. The definition for wellness includes many dimensions
of our lives.

To maintain health, all dimensions of our lives need to be addressed. If we
invest too much time in one or two of these dimensions, the others will suffer,
resulting in a decrease of our overall wellness. All dimensions relate to and
affect each other. For example, what happens at home often affects what
happens at work and vice versa.

Our desire through these pages is to foster a relationship of balance between

wellness and the sustainable wealth that can be found within.